Payment Facilitation

PayFac benefits for online scheduling software programs

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Becoming a PayFac, short for payment facilitator, has great advantages for scheduling software providers looking to add a payments feature to their software platform. There are nearly as many benefits to becoming a PayFac as there are varieties of software types and industries that stand to gain from them. Scheduling software, which caters to a wide range of businesses, is one of the primary business types that benefits. Your scheduling software clients will benefit from the ability to synchronize and schedule appointments and services for their clients and in-house teams while also accepting payments for services quickly, efficiently, and from within your platform. The payment piece is one opportunity that many companies offering online scheduling software haven’t quite taken full advantage of yet but now can with little hassle, by becoming a no risk PayFac. Adding payment facilitation for your clients through the scheduling software you already offer allows for a more comprehensive range Read more