CRM software 2.0: adding PayFac features

If you have developed or white labeled your own CRM you know the field is crowded. There’s a multitude of different CRM software providers out there, which makes it challenging to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a way to add a new dimension to your software, then we have news for you! Adding PayFac (payment facilitator) features to your software will greatly improve your overall software solution.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a fantastic way for your clients to retain and gain new customers. It doesn’t matter if they’re mom and pop shops or large enterprises; CRM providers like you cater to everything from product/service providers, customer service, and can even help with marketing automation.

At AddPaymentsNow, we only operate with tested APIs and PayFac providers, offering white-label payment processing for your brand consistency needs. Want to know more about how your CRM software product and your business can benefit from payment facilitation? Feel free to read on below.

Why your CRM should include PayFac features

Currently, CRM systems work on improving sales pipelines and helping teams with their lead management. The focus is on seamless collaboration and easy access. Usually, this predominantly takes place through logging activities. Phone calls and notes on customer satisfaction, relationships with customers, and other customer information is usually the main function performed by CRM platforms. However, if you want to kick it up a notch, PayFac is the way of the future.

Your clients will enjoy a much-improved customer relation experience when you become a PayFac. As a PayFac you can offer credit card processing within your CRM software. This allows your clients to go through the entire buyers’ journey within your platform! If you want to get started today, simply use the contact form below. We can help you throughout the process of integrating PayFac into your CRM software.

Your CRM software provider brand with payment processing

Our PayFac providers will allow you to offer payment processing capabilities to your customers directly through your software. There are multiple benefits to becoming a payment services provider (PSP).

  • On top of your existing software business, you’ll offer significant convenience to your clients.
  • You’ll experience benefits to your revenue, as you receive a part of each transaction made through your software.
  • Your clients will be able to process payments made by their customers directly within your software.
  • You’ll benefit from our white label options. Our vetted PayFac providers offer white-label services, allowing your clients to gain a greater sense of immersion with your brand.

All of these benefits will allow your clients to enjoy this convenient service on software they are already familiar with, without having to find an appropriate third-party service. They’ll also be able to strengthen relationships within their own business. They will be improving their existing systems and promoting interaction with their clients and customers. Further up the food chain, you’ll experience similar benefits by strengthening the bond with your existing clients. Not only that, you’ll also be able to offer potential new customers payment processing capabilities that they won’t find elsewhere. As already mentioned, you’ll also receive a percentage of the payments processed within your software.

The cherry on top of the cake? You’ll be able to enjoy an increase in revenue on top of the other benefits of becoming a PayFac.

Why you should become a CRM with PayFac features

Any software user wants to be able to enjoy as many conveniences as possible. Ideally, this should be true of the platforms they’re already familiar with. Realizing that you have to struggle to find third-party services is never ideal for any business, and it’s a situation that you should avoid on behalf of your clients. Furthermore, discovering that you might lose a client to competitors is never ideal for you. Providing payment facilitation services won’t just allow you to offer a new convenience to your existing customers. It will also put you several steps ahead of your competition.

Seamless buyers journey for the end customer

Your clients’ customers will experience a seamless buyers’ journey. Once their payment information has been entered and their order accepted, our payment facilitators will take over and do the rest. Essentially the buyers’ journey will be completed without the customer having to leave your CRM platform at any point during this process. This seamless system will not only impress its newer users but strengthen and retain existing customer relationships as well.

Security and trust; payments with vetted PayFac providers

You’ll also be able to provide your clients with a sense of security. All of our PayFac providers are vetted, secure, and backed by the appropriate banks and authorities. This means that your clients will be able to accept payment from their customers with confidence. This is true on your end as well. If anything should go wrong with a payment, there won’t be any chargeback liabilities on your end.

At the end of the day, you have some excellent benefits to look forward to after PayFac integration. You’ll be able to sit back and allow the system to create revenue for you without any refund liability on your part. In sum, with PayFac integration for your CRM software, web-based or otherwise, you can provide your clients with a fantastic CRM solution.

Become a PayFac today without liabilities on your end

Our vetted PayFac providers will make the practice of offering payment processing both safe and easy. You won’t need to worry about most liabilities, while still gaining the benefits that come with being a PayFac. You will be able to approach and complete sales of potential small business clients that would otherwise be hard to reach. After all, many small businesses worry about the complexities of online payment methods.

Ready to start offering payment processing within your CRM? Or do you want to know more about PayFac? Contact us today! We’re available for any questions you might have and want to help your business succeed.