Payment Facilitation

Be the PayFac for your auction and marketplace clients

If you own an auction site or online marketplace, there are multiple benefits to becoming a payment facitator- both for you and your clients. Auction and marketplace forums rely on tested, thoughtful online software to provide buyers and sellers with a great user experience. However, for many auction and marketplace forums, there aren’t that many great alternatives that allow sellers to accept credit card payments easily while also generating additional revenue for the auction site owner. Get in contact with us to get started as a low-risk payment facilitator so that you can offer the ability to accept payments to all your auction and marketplace clients. 

Ready to get started?  Contact us now if you’re prepared to begin processing payments for your clients. 

Read on below to learn more about becoming a PayFac. Your auction site or marketplace sellers can benefit, and you can increase your site’s recurring seller rate. 

Sellers can accept payments quickly & easily

With our help, you can enable your online auction and marketplace forum clients to easily facilitate payments from buyer to seller through your existing software. Your company will profit from each of these transactions without sharing the risk of chargebacks and returns. Your clients can use your software without any hassle involved for you or them. Becoming a payment facilitator removes the need to deal with complicated and time-consuming merchant account application paperwork and payment gateway setups. 

The online auction business can be complicated to organize, even without having to deal with integrating a merchant account for each seller. By including payment capabilities within your software, you can eliminate a great deal of frustration for your clients and allow them to run their business smoothly, and conveniently in one place.

Additional revenue for your auction or marketplace site

There’s a great deal of work that goes into running a successful online auction house. Any auction site needs to organize promotional events, curate items accurately and reliably, and track the delivery or release of items once sold. Having the added benefit of enabling your clients to accept, make, and keep track of payments through your software will be extremely beneficial. It will also help to cement your business relationship with sellers. The added convenience of payment facilitation is one that they will not find in many of your competitors.

Your auction and marketplace site will benefit from increased revenue generated by being a Payment Facilitator.

Convenient sub-merchant level reports

We will set you up with a PayFac provider who can fully integrate sub-merchant level reporting. Payment facilitation offers great benefits to you, and your auction and marketplace forum clients. Sub-merchant level reporting makes it easy to keep track of the individual sellers’ or buyers’ payments. Payment facilitation overviews and sub-merchant drill down detail ensures that everything is running smoothly. Also, the payment processors we work with cover the risk, with no chargeback or refund liability on your end. Our PayFac providers will be able to address just about any situation and take on all responsibility should chargeback problems occur. 

Become a PayFac for your auction and marketplace clients

We have a wealth of experience with setting up payment processors for a variety of business niches. With our knowledge, we are confident in providing the best payment facilitator provider solution for you, one that works best for your clients’. We can ensure that integration of the payment capabilities with your software will be seamless and that the setup itself is as natural, and hassle-free a process as it can be for you and your sellers.

Our payment processors are secure, reliable, and easy to use. You, your clients, and their customers will all benefit from this added capability within your software. Instead of having to set up their own merchant account, which can be complicated, stressful, and time-consuming, clients can get started accepting credit cards the day they sign up for your software. This will also give you a leg up on your competition, as potential and new clients will love this added capability that many of your competitors simply don’t offer.