Payment Facilitation

PayFac benefits for online scheduling software programs

Becoming a PayFac, short for payment facilitator, has great advantages for scheduling software providers looking to add a payments feature to their software platform. There are nearly as many benefits to becoming a PayFac as there are varieties of software types and industries that stand to gain from them. Scheduling software, which caters to a wide range of businesses, is one of the primary business types that benefits. Your scheduling software clients will benefit from the ability to synchronize and schedule appointments and services for their clients and in-house teams while also accepting payments for services quickly, efficiently, and from within your platform.

The payment piece is one opportunity that many companies offering online scheduling software haven’t quite taken full advantage of yet but now can with little hassle, by becoming a no risk PayFac. Adding payment facilitation for your clients through the scheduling software you already offer allows for a more comprehensive range of services. Now, not only can your client’s schedule and keep track of their appointments, they can also accept payments.

It might seem a simple thing, but even just from a user experience point of view, if you can offer PayFac services to your clients it will greatly enhance customer retention rates – both for you and your clients. In turn, this will help strengthen your business relationships. Across the board, a more complete service makes for an overall happier customer and client base for all involved!

PayFac enables greater UX and improves customer retention

There’s a lot to be gained by adding a PayFac feature to your online scheduling software. While most think solely of design when mentioning user experience (UX), core functions play a great role in UX as well. By offering payment capabilities, your software becomes much more of an all in one service. By allowing your clients’ customers to make payments online when they schedule an appointment, the interaction becomes easier and more convenient for both the end user, as well as your client.

All-in-one services like these make life easier for businesses and their customers alike. The convenience of being able to pay online while scheduling an upcoming appointment improves the UX which will help turn new customers into loyal ones. Your clients’ customers will, without a doubt, appreciate this added feature. Many of the payment facilitator providers we recommend can also allow you to do this white-label. The added benefit of this is that you can help improve your brand recognition. This will give you a leg up on your competition and make sure that you offer the best for your clients.

Boost your passive revenue through an improved SaaS

By offering PayFac services through your online scheduling software you will have the added benefit of increasing your passive revenue, as you will be able to charge a fee per transaction. Of course, this is one of the most obvious benefits of including PayFac capabilities to your online scheduling software. That said, it should not be understated! Considering the convenience and benefits you will provide for your clients, you are highly likely to be able to gain new clients sooner as well. After all, word-of-mouth and recommendations are still some of the most effective marketing strategies out there.

As your client base grows, the passive income you may be able to generate will increase exponentially. This kind of financial boost is not to be underestimated. It helps you grow as a company while increasing the financial security of your business. This is why we will be happy to guide you to PayFac providers at no sign-up cost, so that you may gain all these benefits by offering payment facilitation to your clients!

Let us help your scheduling software provide a complete service

If you’re looking to offer online payments as part of your online scheduling software, we can help you find the best PayFac provider for you and your clients. We specialize in recommending payment facilitator providers that will make your PayFac features easy to use with secure credit card processing capabilities. Every PayFac we work with has the added benefit of security, giving you and your clients peace of mind. The PayFac providers we recommend come with a no liability option on your end.

We always work to make the process as easy and painless as possible, with no overbearing paperwork to file or individual merchant accounts to set up. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, even if you just have a few questions about adding PayFac to your online scheduling software. We’re always happy to help, and are excited to help you take a great step in expanding your services!